Sin is the permanent enemy of man. Avoiding sin is the salvation of man. God had foreseen from the beginning a definitive solution. Jesus —the Second Person, the Son of the Trinity— will be the Saviour that will conquer definitively sin. You will remember that God was reminding Israel that He would send a Saviour, a Promised Messiah.
By means of acts and words, God communicated to us and he gave us a Good News: God is our Father, and Jesus, our Saviour.

He also talked to Mary by means of an Angel. By the obedience of the Virgin and the Word of God, Jesus, the Son of God, was made man and came to the Earth to save us.

The Gospel tells us all these and many more things.



Los dibujos están tomados de libros de la Editorial Casals,
con ilustraciones de Miguel Quesada.

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